Quantum Inclusion.

Just as quantum physics broke new ground when compared to the laws of conventional physics, inclusite® applies “Quantum Digitalization” to go beyond the imagination, to provide maximum results with minimum efforts, and to enable everyone to have a unique personalized experience while accessing digital platforms.

Today, Quantum IT is the Holy Grail of IT, and it aims to achieve a quantitative leap in computing equipment and technology. We believe that Inclusite® accomplishes this leap in relation to other Digital Technology companies, aiming to improve Usable & Inclusive digitalization.

Everything Inclusite develops involves Quantum thinking.

We have successfully developed a way to integrate EEG (Electroencephalography) technology, Smart Integrated Software (Inclusite) and Human Thoughts to enable everyone to browse the Internet with their minds.

With our Think to Command interface, anyone with proper training will be able to simulate a “Click” with thought alone and be independent and empowered, being universally connected.