Our Solutions.

Augmented Digital Inclusion

This solution comprises Enhanced Usability applied to IT Infrastructure (External and Internal websites & Applications) to provide a unique digital experience with no barriers to any user, customer or employee by enabling different interfaces for special needs:

  • Standard Keyboard navigation
  • Voice Commands
  • Sound Commands
  • Screen reader compatibility tools like JAWS and NVDA
  • Specialized Interfaces:
    • Think to Command – This service, allows any user to navigate websites with their minds.
    • Switch to Command – Allows any user to navigate with accessible switches and by pressing any key in any keyboard.

E-Commerce: Universal & Usable transactions for everyone

For Transactional purposes, this module will allow any user to access E-Commerce Digital Platforms with no barriers: Online banking, booking, surveys and more.

If you can imagine someone being able to do wire transfers online using sounds, then you can imagine Inclusite doing its magic.

Accessibility Compliance, Consulting and Auditing.

Inclusite has the experience and IT capabilities to provide any Website, Intranet and Application with “Ongoing” compliance based on WCAG 2.0 Levels A, AA and AAA.

We want our clients to be sure that Inclusite®’s implementation and Accessibility Guidelines are well-received not only by third party accessibility certifiers (W3C experts, Organizations for the Blind, etc.), but also by end users, through the implementation of Usability Tests. That is why Inclusite® works in collaboration with organizations for the blind to implement Audits and Usability Tests once all remediations and implementations have been completed.

This exclusive service will provide our clients with a thorough analysis of their IT Infrastructure, in order for them to have a road map for implementing WCAG 2.0 standards.

Universal digital inclusive solutions for your smartphones.

A unique accessible and usable option for your smartphone.

A universal inclusive mobile browsing for everyone, the Inclusite® app provides usable browsing to inclusite®-enabled websites on your phone.