Inclusite will shortly release inclusite® 3.15. This new version includes the following functionalities:

Hebrew support

Use your own words

Users can now listen to web content and give voice commands in Hebrew.


Set your preferred zoom level

inclusite® 3.15 allows to set the zoom level in compliance with WCAG 2.0. In order to be AA certified is important to provide a mechanism of zooming text up to 200% although it is recommendable to do so with both text and images.


Choose among a number of accessible foreground and background colour combinations.

According to WCAG 2.0, a high contrast ratio must be used in websites to enable people with vision problems so they can perceive correctly the content. Contrast ratios provided by inclusite® comply with the AAA regulations.


New microphone interface based on new technologies

Microphone is managed through a new HTML5 based interface.

The use of Flash is currently not recommended in favour of HTML5. Version 3.15 integrates HTML5 natively and uses Flash for backward compatibility with users in mind.

Better Screen Reader Integration

Use inclusite® your way

inclusite® 3.15 eliminates the use of common control keys that are present in screen readers so they can seamlessly co-exist.