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The terms and conditions contained herein govern the lawful use of this website, whose owner is INCLUSITE, S.L. These general terms and conditions govern the access and use that the website owner offers Internet users. Access to the website implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions, without reservations. A ‘user’ is defined as any person who accesses, browses, uses or takes part in the services and/or activities of the Website.

The mere use of the website, as well as requesting information or submitting a request, implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

Website use.

The user agrees to use the website, its services and contents as per the Law, this Legal Notice, good conduct and public order.

Moreover, the user agrees to use them diligently, properly and lawfully, and in a manner that is not contrary to this Legal Notice. Specifically, the user agrees to refrain from deleting, circumventing or manipulating the “copyright” and other information added to the content that identifies the rights of its owners, as well as technical protection methods or any information method they may contain.

It is strictly forbidden to engage in acts that are damaging to the interests or rights of third parties, or that in any way damage, disable or hinder the Website or its services, or prevent the normal enjoyment of the Website by other users.

The user agrees to refrain from hindering access by other users to the access service through the mass consumption of the computer resources that INCLUSITE, S.L.uses to render its services, as well as from performing acts that damage, interrupt or generate errors in the aforementioned systems or services.

The user agrees to refrain from injecting programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that cause or are prone to causing any type of alteration to the computer systems of INCLUSITE, S.L. or those of third parties.

Access or use of the Website by the user implies acceptance by the user of the Legal Notice that INCLUSITE, S.L. has published at the time when such access takes place, which shall always be available to users.

The user agrees to adequately use contents and services (e.g., comments, discussion forums, or pages open to the reader) that INCLUSITE, S.L. offers on its Website, and to refrain from using them to commit acts that are unlawful or contrary to good faith and the laws in effect; from publishing content or propaganda that is racist, xenophobe, that fosters terrorism, or that constitutes a violation of human rights.

Website access and passwords.

Some of the services and contents offered by INCLUSITE, S.L. may require subscribing to a service, and payment of a fee as per the conditions set forth by the Terms and Conditions of Contract. In that case, the aforementioned Terms and Conditions shall be clearly made available.

Access and navigation of this website does not require registration by the user, and therefore, the user’s personal information is not collected, except for that which is outlined in the Cookies Policy or that the user submits via some contact form or similar on this website, in which case the information shall be stored as per the terms and conditions set forth in the Cookies or Privacy Policy; whichever applies.


The purchase of products or services through the Website is forbidden to minors, being a requirement that they duly obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians in advance, who shall be held liable for the acts carried out by the minors under their care.

Modifications to the conditions of this Legal Notice.

INCLUSITE, S.L. expressly reserves the right to modify this Legal Notice. The user acknowledges and agrees that it is his responsibility to study the Website and this Legal Notice.

Limitation of liability and remedies.

INCLUSITE, S.L. agrees to make its best efforts to prevent any error in the contents that may appear on the Website. In any and all circumstances, INCLUSITE, S.L. shall be held harmless for any liability that may arise from errors in contents that may appear on the Website, as long as they cannot be attributed to it.

INCLUSITE, S.L. does not guarantee that the Website and server are free from viruses, and shall not be held liable for any damages that may result from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephonic malfunctions or disconnections during the operation of this electronic system for reasons out of INCLUSITE, S.L. control, for delays or locks while using this electronic system caused by deficiencies in phone lines or overloads of the Internet system or other electronic systems, as well as for damages that may be caused by third parties by means of unlawful intrusions out of INCLUSITE, S.L. control.

Intellectual property and industrial property.

All other trademarks, brands or markings in any content found on the company’s Website pages are property of their owners and protected by law.

All industrial and intellectual property rights over the Website and over its contents (texts, images, sounds, audio, video, designs, creations, software) belong, as the author of the entire work, or as an assignee, to INCLUSITE, S.L. or to third parties respectively.

Reproduction, distribution and public exhibition are expressly forbidden, including offering the contents of this Website, either totally or partially, for commercial purposes, on any media and by any technical means, without the authorization of INCLUSITE, S.L. The user agrees to respect the rights to Industrial and Intellectual property owned by INCLUSITE, S.L. and third parties.

The user shall be able to view, print, copy, and store in the user’s computer hard disk or any other physical media, all the elements, as long as it is solely and exclusively for personal, private use, and its use for commercial purposes, distribution, as well as its modification, alteration and decompilation, are strictly forbidden.

INCLUSITE, S.L. provides access to all types of information, services, programs and data on the Internet that may be owned by third parties, and as a result, INCLUSITE, S.L. shall not be held liable for the aforestated contents, nor for any claim arising from their quality, reliability, accuracy or correctness.

Liability related to hyperlinks.

In the event that the Website displays links or hyperlinks to other locations on the Internet, INCLUSITE, S.L. shall exercise no control over those locations and contents. Under no circumstance shall INCLUSITE, S.L. be liable in any way for the contents of any link to a third-party Website, nor shall INCLUSITE, S.L. guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, scope, veracity, validity or lawfulness of any material or information contained in the target of such hyperlinks or other locations on the Internet.

These links are provided with the sole purpose of informing the User about the existence of other sources of information regarding a specific subject, and inclusion of a link does not imply approval of the linked website by INCLUSITE, S.L.


INCLUSITE, S.L. shall not be held liable for loss or damage a failure of the service may cause the user or visitor; neither shall it be liable for problems arising from the lack of interaction among users or visitors under these circumstances.

Applicable law and jurisdiction.

Any and all matters arising between INCLUSITE, S.L. and the user in relation to the interpretation, compliance and effect of this Legal Notice shall be governed by its provisions, and any matter that is not outlined therein shall be governed by the laws of Spain. The parties shall therefore expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts having jurisdiction over INCLUSITE, S.L. place of business.