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inclusite® SaaS

A new accessibility experience

Accessibility as a cloud service

inclusite® is a cloud service that improves accessibility and usability of existing websites. It is the web casting people needs. Inclusite does not require to modify existing web services. It operates in real time. The same web experience for everybody. Because everyone is special.

inclusite® stays in the cloud, you choose your way

Accessibity and usability for real people

Increasing accessibility and usability of web-based content and services using a cloud service is a brand new approach to the paradigm of accessibility. Ubiquity, transparency and software enhancements benefit users immediately and helps saving costly internal projects.

Choose how to communicate

Surf the web your way

inclusite® provides different communication modes that users can select according to their preferences and needs. For example, it is possible to browse the web using voice commands, control video clips using the keyboard and fill in forms using sounds.

Evolution and improvements

New improvements for new and existing clients and users

inclusite® copes well with changes and gets improved constantly. Any improvement of the service is transparent for customers and users and has an immediate effect.

There is no installation or deployment delays. No hidden nor additional costs.

Inclusite just works with your website

Helpers are injected in real time

Joining the inclusite® network is easy. There is no need to modify the original website. It is a matter of placing a script in your website and start using it.

inclusite® helpers to web browsing are introduced in real time as long as a users follows links, and always preserving design and original content. There are no hidden deployment costs.

Listen to the web

Articles, contextual information, menus… inclusite® reads all the content

inclusite® allows you to listen to the web and go through all the different elements such as menus, titles, headers, articles. A user may also stop the read aloud facility at any time.

Access to forms and video

Access all content

All the interfaces that inclusite® provides ensure proper access to any content present in the website, including video and forms.

Screen reader compatibility

inclusite® integrates with screen readers

inclusite® works seamlessly with most screen readers by providing a screen reader compatibility mode.

Screen readers also benefit from the better organisation of the web that inclusite® provides since it enables them to identify areas on a webpage the easy way.