Engineering Digital Inclusion.

Universal, ubiquitous, instantaneous web via at-cloud (client-side).

To allow people to have universal access from wherever they may be, from any device, in real time. And instantaneously offer technical aids on the cloud that do not use specific, nor special, hardware or software.

WCAG 2.0 Compliance (server side).

Inclusite sits at the forefront of WCAG recommendations. For this purpose, it has developed a hybrid automated-manual environment that causes websites to comply with WCAG guidelines and many of its techniques and conventions. This leads websites which provide the service in conjunction with technological aids to offer a functional experience to the user, even for those websites which users were previously unable to browse.

Our Technology involves engineered algorithms applied toward Digital Inclusion: automation, artificial intelligence, and quantum and user experience for all Internet users.

Continuous Innovation.

Technology keeps advancing day by day at a spectacular pace, and therefore, Inclusite always seeks to improve user experience and technology, and incorporate all possible breakthroughs in an iterative process of continuous re-evaluation.

This constitutes the mission of the Inclusite R&D department, which is always concerned over the what and the why of things, and how to improve them. This has enabled the emergence of experimental, pioneering features and services at the Inclusite® Inclusion IT Lab, such as: Voice commands, Sound interface & Think to Command (Neural).

Currently in the incubator: A unique, inclusive App, PDF formats, VR Access, Free and universal access to all websites (Inclusite® X) & improving the machine learning process based on user behavior.