Digital Democracy

We live in a digital era that is in constant transformation and correlation with innovative technologies, needs and experiences. The future is being digitalized and everyone should be connected.

Today there are millions of people who are digitally disenfranchised, and it is Inclusite’s® goal to reduce this gap and increase business opportunities, personalizing experiences, autonomy, empowerment and education.

Digital Democracy is essential, and implies a responsibility for every Government, Corporation and Organization to provide a Universal Access to all Internet users – to be Universally Inclusive for all those in need:

  • Digital Disenfranchised
  • The elderly
  • People with learning disabilities
  • Illiterate people
  • People with reading disabilities
  • Non-native speakers of your language
  • People with severe or mild, temporary or permanent disabilities: missing limbs, cognitive disabilities, blindness, dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, mobility impairments, etc.
  • The physically challenged

With Inclusite, no one is left behind; It’s the same Web for all.