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Inclusite, winner of the 2017 WEDS Award.

The Inclusite team will be presenting our usability and accessibility solutions at the 2017 World Congress on IT in Taipei, Taiwan from September 10-13, 2017.

2017 Blinded Veterans Association 72nd Convention.

Inclusite will be attending the 2017 Blinded Veterans Association 72nd Convention in Jacksonville Florida, from August 14th – August 18th. Come visit the Inclusite team at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Hotel, in Florida to learn about our industry leading digital accessibility compliant & Usable solutions.

Introducing Think to Command.

Introducing Think to Command, the new feature that integrates EEG pattern recognition technologies and allows people to browse the web using their minds.

Visit Inclusite at the M-Enabling Summit, 2017.

Inclusite will be attending the 2017 M-Enabling Summit in DC next month, from June 13th – June 14th.

Visit Inclusite at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

Inclusite will be attending the 2017 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego next month, from February 27th – March 4th. Come visit the Inclusite team in the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel to learn about our industry leading digital accessibility compliant solution.

A breakthrough in software accessibility in Israel.

Mavkyim Software Solutions, the representative of Inclusite in Israel, has completed the accessibility of the Mendeli Street Hotel’s website, an accessibility that constitutes a breakthrough in website accessibility in Israel, and is the first one that provides an international standard which is the closest to the AAA accessibility that exists today.

Presenting inclusite® 3.18

New update of inclusite® Inclusite releases the new inclusite® version 3.18 with new features and functionality: Allows setting the speech velocity when the web content is read. Improvements in the PDF interface. Asynchronous voice recognition for Flash. Improvements in the search functionality (F6). Bug fixes.

Announcing inclusite® 3.17

Improved and updated service Inclusite proudly presents inclusite® version 3.17. This release includes new features and functionality, such as the following: Speed increases. New “Simple View” mode. Fixes with attachments in forms. Inclusite TAB is now shown by default. Bug fixes and fine tuning.

Announcing Inclusite’s new website

New branding image Inclusite’s new website will include information about: Accessibility related subjects, how inclusite® works, version history and new features, news and up-to-date information about latest projects, events and developments, contact information. The website offers a new branding and corporate image in compliance with the AA WCAG 2.0 standard.

Announcing inclusite® 3.15

Inclusite will shortly release inclusite® 3.15. This new version includes the following functionalities: Hebrew support Use your own words Users can now listen to web content and give voice commands in Hebrew. Zoom Set your preferred zoom level inclusite® 3.15 allows to set the zoom level in compliance with WCAG 2.0. In order to be […]