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Inclusite Accessibility Services & Solutions (IASS)

Inclusite has developed augmented accessible and usable Services & Solutions (IASS), with Smart Integrated Technologies, that can be addressed to support website owners, developers and Internet users. These modules enhances user experiences while using the Internet from any computer, in real time:

IASS Module 1: Accessibility Compliance

Inclusite support efforts to make electronic and information technologies (EIT) accessible
and usable to individuals with disabilities and those with special needs by meeting and
exceeding the requirements of WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 Refresh of the Rehabilitation
Act (29 U.S.C. 794d), as amended in 1998.

Inclusite has the experience and IT capabilities to provide any Website an “On Going**”
compliance based in WCAG 2.0 Levels A, AA, AAA and 508 Refresh.

** Inclusite provides these standards regardless of the website changes and new regulations.

IASS Module 2: Enhanced Usability.

Different interfaces and Smart Integrated Technologies for External & Internal Websites. This module applies to all External and Internal websites to not only follow International Accessibility Standards, but also to provide any user, customer or employee Web Usability with no barriers by enabling different interfaces for different needs:

  • Standard keyboard navigation.
  • Voice Commands.
  • Sound Commands.
  • Compatible with other Assistive Technologies (AT) products like JAWS.
  • Think to Command(beta). An inclusite® interface to an EEG headset that allows any user to navigate websites with their minds.

It also provides web usability for anyone who:

  • May have reading difficulties.
  • May have learning challenges.
  • May not be native speakers of your content’s language.
  • May have vision difficulties.
  • May prefer listening instead of reading.
  • The elderly (Baby Boomers and aging society, up to 50 million).

IASS Module 3: PDF Accessibility & Usability Remediation.

This module will allow any user to access PDF documents and forms that can be readable and usable from any Website, with two main functionalities:

  1. Basic Reading Mode and Navigation and
  2. Advanced mode for Scanned material and images.

IASS Module 4: E-Commerce.

For Transactional purposes, this module will allow any user to access E-Commerce Websites with no barriers: Online banking, purchases, surveys and more.

IASS Module 5: Accessibility Consulting and Audit.

This exclusive service will allow website owners a thorough analysis on their IT Infrastructure, to be able to have an accessibility status of WCAG 2.0 Level A, AA and AAA / 508 Refresh Standards and a road map for implementing these standards.

IASS Module 6: Offimatics. Microsoft Office and Google Applications.

Inclusite is always enhancing user experiences while not limiting the access to documents, such as Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. This module will provide usable solutions for any user that wants to access these or any other type of documents with enhanced usability solutions.