Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP).

Inclusite is born with the Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) of enabling a more Inclusive and Universal access to the Web by closing the gap between The People and The Digital World by combining Technology & User Experience.

Our Digital Inclusion Platform.

inclusite® is a smart human-centric platform leading the way in digital Inclusion semi-automated analysis and remediation to make IT infrastructure (websites, intranets and applications) usable by anyone regardless of age, ability or socioeconomic status.

Our clients are Governments, Corporations and Organizations that want to include disruptive digital solutions and compliance in their Digital Agendas and at the same time provide a unique and universal experience for everyone.

With Inclusite®, our clients will be able to provide its employees, customers, partners and users with a unique and innovative way to access, and communicate with, their Digital Infrastructure from most devices, from anywhere where an internet connection is available.

Why our clients are satisfied with Inclusite.

Inclusite impacts the bottom line by enabling technology to create New Jobs, Digital Education, Economic Growth, Social Impact and Universal Digital Access.

Inclusite also delivers personalized experience:

The inclusite® technology allows everyone to choose how, when and where they want to interact with the Web by enabling a navigation/browsing option depending on the users’ needs and preferred experience:

  • Keyboard
  • Voice Commands
  • Sound Commands
  • Specialized Interfaces: Neural Commands & Switches
  • Screen Reader Compatibility

In addition to these options, Inclusite® provides a display interface that can be combined with the interfaces mentioned above, which offers:
Contrast compliance with the WCAG 2.0 AAA standard, which can be selected among many other options.
Font size adjustment.
The option to visualize all browsed websites in ‘simple-view’ mode, which is a content homogenization feature, so that all Inclusite®-enabled websites offer information with the same format and look & feel, allowing all contents to be visualized and operated in the same manner.
Offers an advanced content-reading service that also speaks out key attributes to aid in perception and orientation (depth, type of element, etc.).
It is available in 5 languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Hebrew) and in several local variants (British, Mexican, Argentine, Basque, Catalan, Valencian, etc.).

With Inclusite®, most of users will be grateful, empowered and happy.

Our History.

We are an European software company that started operations in Valencia, Spain. Since our incorporation, the first marketable version of our Digital Inclusive platform was launched in 2012.

Today, we have a presence in 7 countries, hundreds of Inclusite-Powered Web Platforms and serve around 1 million unique users.

Inclusite has also been awarded the 2017 WEDS Award (World Emerging Digital Award) by WITSA, the consortium that represents 90% of the World’s ICT companies.

While we are a small company, we offer extremely disruptive, fast and agile services & solutions with a strong expertise in Digital Inclusion, 100% User-Oriented focus, and no matter the project, we will always aim to deliver a universal access for all.

We believe that a transcendent solution for a universal digitalization will depend on companies to engineer disruptive and exponential technologies, and inclusite® is an example of merging innovative technologies, and “Moonshot” solutions for all.

inclusite® equals to disruptive digital connectivity.